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Paylessmoke offers cigarettes at really cheap prices. All of the cigarettes that Payless sells are manufactured and shipped from inside the EU. The cigarettes are shipped out of bonded warehouses that are deemed duty free, allowing Payless to offer you cigarettes at great prices. EU Manufactured cigarettes are manufactured under strict EU guidelines that govern the manufacture of cigarettes and other tobacco products within the EU. Payless has numerous cigarette brands including Marlboro cigarettes that sell for as low as $22.99 for a carton of 200 cigarettes. Their brands also include Camel cigarettes, Winston cigarettes and many more big name cigarette brands. They also offer lesser known cigarette brands at lower prices, with their cheapest cigarettes costing a meager $13.99 a carton of 200 cigarettes.

Their cheapest cigarette brand that sells for only $13.99 is Business Club. Business Club cigarettes are manufactured is Switzerland, and are good quality cigarettes. Payless also offers priority shipping for you cigarettes at only $2.50 per carton. This express priority shipping means your cheap European cigarettes will arrive at your door within 2 weeks. With the range of cigarettes offered, and the competitive prices of their cigarettes, Paylessmoke is your one stop European cigarette shop.








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